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Ex Pro Skier - Long Term Knee Pain

I am a 57 year old ex pro skier who has had knee reconstructions (one from motorbike accident (medial lateral) and one from skiing (ACL plus torn achilles), have run and gym almost daily for over 35 years. I have had a couple of arthroscopic cleanups on my knees over the decades and periods where I have been immobilised through knee pain and swelling. Haven't ever used anti-inflamatories as I prefer just to work through it naturally. Last year I ruptured the miniscus in my left knee and have had a very painful recovery period lasting almost 12 months. A few weeks ago I came across Painmaster at a chemist next to my gym in CBD Sydney and I bought one. I have used it at nights for the past 2 weeks and while I am not running, I am training for 1 1/2 hours a day at the gym and amazingly I have no pain. It took a few days before I really noticed a big difference but 2 weeks on I am a total convert. The range of motion I now have is getting back to my athletic days and I am able to really push the leg strength training now. Brilliant find!!.

Knee Pain - Back Pain - Nerve Pain
By T.Shaw

I injured my knee earlier this year, tearing several ligaments and tendons causing a lot of pain, swelling and inflammation and debility. This injury normally takes a long time to heal with or without surgery, and I was introduced to Painmaster about one month after the initial injury. I applied it for about 3 days at a time, each day I felt the pain and swelling reduce, much quicker than just having physiotherapy. I was really grateful to have had Painmaster assist me cope with the pain and swelling. Later this year, I flared up an old chronic back injury which caused me sciatic nerve pain and low back pain. i had been going to my regular chiropractor for treatment, but as this was going to take a while to heal, I brought out the Painmaster and applied it to my lower back, like the illustration. Within a few hours, the pain was much less and I was able to quickly reduce all pain medication. I think the Painmaster helped reduce the swelling around the inflamed discs and of course took pressure of the sciatic nerve. whenever I have flare ups, I know i can now rely on Painmaster as one of my healing techniques. I prefer this method than taking lots of pain medications, especially if you have chronic pain like I do.

Knee Pain - Long Term User
By J.Bray

I have been using Painmaster for well over 12 months now. It's my favourite go to everyday for both chronic and acute knee pain. I am unable to have knee replacements because of other health issues, so I go to Clinical Pilates to help maintain muscles surrounding my knees. I suffer ongoing pain after Pilates so use a Painmaster on both knees. I also wear them to bed when it's particularly bad. I still need oral medication, but find Painmaster amazing for ongoing relief. So easy too, just stick them on either side of the most painful area. Thank you Painmaster.

Location of pain: Lower backL4/L5
By K.Learmonth
Kurwongbah. QLD.

Number of years suffering from the condition: 4
Specific body position for treatment: Lower back
Number of hours used per day: 16
Number of Days used in total: 90
Pain Score before use (10-0) where 10 = your highest level of pain: 8
Pain Score after use (10-0) where 10 = your highest level of pain: 1
After stopping did pain remain less: Yes. 2 months
Was the product practical & comfortable enough for your needs: Yes
Was Painmaster discreet enough: Yes
Did Painmaster help your mobility: Yes
Did you reduce medications by by using Painmaster?: I have been able to reduce my medication to the lowest it can go with the help of painmaster. I used to go to sleep and wake up in pain but with painmaster I wake up pain free.
Additional Comments: I have shown many people my painmaster and even told my Doctor that I'm sure it's the reason I have been able to decrease my medication. I would love to be able to afford it all the time. I take my painmaster on holidays with me so i can be pain free and mobile like my friends